Stacey DeLooze

“Bridging the gap between dark and light, vulnerable and powerful, earthy and extravagant, Delooze´s spin on musical melodrama is fronted by the vocalist, Stacey Delooze´s electrifying vocal abilities, with each performance morphing from a subtle, tender elegance to a visceral howl, all the time maintaining an immense affective quality, coupled with an enviable knack for harmonic hook. Her music acts as vessel for a thrilling fusion of genres – from the pounding, heavy pinnacles, to the intimate, stirring organic melodies below her operatic, bold, baroque vision.”

Delooze also has LPs currently on sale: Glass Army debut album is £20 + postage and Japan to Jam EP is £10 + postage. Also have tote bags £3 and t-shirts £8

Rick Jensen

Rick Jensen is founder and leader of Apocalypse Jazz Unit and SKRONK experiemental music nights, he’s member of many other bands including The Oneirologist, MGF and Nuha Ruby Ra.

Rick requests that any donations you might want to make go to his chosen charity:

You can check out more of Rick’s music on here:

Hana Piranha

Hana Maria, the daughter of a Catholic priest, was born during a hurricane; a prophetic beginning to the diary that’s exposed in her turbulent and often disturbing songwriting. For her fourth album Wednesday’s Child, Hana steps down from her violin-fronted rock band in favour of the harp, to create a softer, but no less sinister, sound…

Hana Maria

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