19th May 2020

18:00 UK Time – Live Streamed Keynote: Mykaell Riley (University of Westminster)

“Who’s Telling Your Story?”

20:00 UK Time – Live Streamed Concert

Three live sets: Bollywood Violin, Congolese Guitar, DJ Set

Chris Inperspective, Agata Kubiak-Kenworthy, Burkina Faso

Paper Presentations

Coming online after the live streamed events on Tuesday 19th May

Ruth Adams (Kings College London, UK) (Abstract)

Grime – Expanding the Parameters of English Folk Music

Christopher Doll (Rutgers University, USA) (Abstract)

Five Taken: The Rhythmic Influence of the Dave Brubeck Quartet on British-American Pop-Rock

Richard Elliott (Newcastle University, UK) (Abstract)

‘This Is Our Grime’: Encounter, Strangeness and Translation as Responses to Lisbon’s Batida Scene

Steven Gamble (BIMM Brighton, UK) (Abstract)

“This is London city, we the hottest in the world”: cultural perceptions of the London scene’s ‘grime renaissance’

Lewis Kennedy (Independent Scholar, UK) (Abstract)

‘I grew up in Streatham’: Rap, Reactions, Comments, and Capital on YouTube

Alex de Lacey (Goldsmiths, University of London, UK) (Abstract)

“Wot Do U Call it? Doof Doof”: articulations of glocality in Australian grime music

Eithne Quinn (University of Manchester, UK) (Abstract)

London drill, racism and joint enterprise criminal cases

Julia Szivak (Birmingham City University, UK) (Abstract)

 ‘Half Moghul, Half Mowgli’ – Desi hip hop and the representation of South Asian diasporas

Catherine Tackley (University of Liverpool, UK) (Abstract)

“Snakehips Swing”: Race, Nationality and Identity in British Dance Music