‘London Calling’ – the 15th UK & Ireland IASPM Conference, hosted by the University of West London, is moving to an online format. The conference is now going to spread for 10 weeks across the summer starting on May 19th and each week will have a theme with a keynote, at least one panel and a series of papers that relate to the theme / topic. ‘Papers’ will be uploaded videos with questions asked via a discussion board. The keynotes and the panels will be a combination of real-time (Zoom) and pre-recorded materials plus discussion forums. We are also looking for ways to create social activities – like holding coffee mornings or dinner/drinks parties on Zoom, Google Hangouts etc and working out ways for people to hold the types of geeky conversations that conferences are all about: any ideas about how to organise the social engineering of these would be most welcome! We’re looking for people to volunteer to host social events during the conference and it might be nice to invite weekly reviewers as well? Ideas on a postcard please…


Week Starting:

Session 1: 19th May – Theme: Multiculturalism and Diaspora
Keynote: Mykaell Riley (Westminster)

Session 2: 26th May – Theme: The Virtuoso and the Dilettante – Performing Popular Music
Keynote: Gareth Dylan Smith (Boston University)

Session 3: 2nd June – Theme: Analysing Popular Music
Keynote: Lori Burns (Ottawa)

Session 4: 9th June – Theme: Anti-establishment, Rebellion and Commerce
Keynote: Matt Brennan (Glasgow)

Session 5: 16th June – Theme: Pedagogies of Popular Music Practice
Keynote: Kristina Kelman (Queensland University of Technology)

Session 6: 23rd June – Theme: Identity and Theatricality
Keynote: Stan Hawkins (Oslo)

Session 7: 30th June – Theme: Geographies of Popular Music and Transculturalism
Keynote: Britta Sweers (Bern)

Session 8: 7th July – Theme: The Industrial and Financial Mechanisms of Popular Music
Keynote: TBC

Session 9: 14th July – Theme: Live Music
Keynote: Steve Waksman (Smith University)

Session 10: 21st July – Theme: Music and Technology
Keynote: Samantha Bennett (Australian National University)

Simon Zagorski-Thomas and the rest of the organising committee will be contacting presenters shortly and making further announcements about how you can contribute and be a part of this event. Enquiries to iaspmuki2020@gmail.com